On the frontlines of service.

On the frontlines of service.

Today and every day.

Lion Angela S. Cases

District Governor
Home Club: Temple Belton Ladies Lions Club

Email: lion.angelascases@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 321-7365

Lion Darie McCleaves

1ST Vice District Governor
Home Club: Killeen Evening Lions Club
Partner In Service: Lion Jeanne

Email: darie.mccleaves@gmail.com
Phone: (254) 423-3893

This Could Be You!!

2nd Vice District Governor

Have you been a Zone Chair and/or Club President and/or on the District Cabinet?

Please reach out to Lion Angela, DG, if you have an interest in helping lead the District into the next 100+ years of service.

Lion Lea Ann Batey

Home Club: Temple Belton Ladies Lions Club
Partner in Service: Robert Batey

Email: leab1031@gmail.com
Phone: (254) 598-0016

Lion Letitia Estep

​Home Club: Marlin Lions Club

Phone: (254) 466-5037
Randy Sepulvado

Lion Randy Sepulvado

Immediate Past District Governor
Home Club: Temple Breakfast Lions

Email: randy.sepulvado@msn.com
Phone: (254) 718-1983


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